Welcome To the African Powerlifting Federation.

Powerlifting is a sport made up of 3 movements. Each powerlifter has three tries to achieve their best in every type of lift. The judges switch on a white light to approve of a valid effort, or a red light to show that is was a bad try and invalid. Any effort with a more than one white light turned on by judges will be regarded as a good and valid effort, in which any with a couple of red lights will be thought of as a bad effort. After every attempt, bad or good, the lifter will have the ability to increase the weight on his following effort. When an effort is bad, then the lifter can remain with the identical weight for their next effort. Weight can’t be reduced on another effort. The heaviest good tries on every lift are used and added together to make a total for your contest (match). The lifter with the greatest total wins. After three bad tries on any single lift type, they’re disqualified from the match.

Powerlifting Federations

Powerlifting matches are held by many gyms but the majority are sanctioned and held by various organizations known as federations. Each federation has its own set of principles and many permit different sorts of lifting gear (equipment). Lifting equipment includes squat suits, including squat briefs and bench press shirts, straps, knee pads, deadlift suits or another sort of garment which can aid in service to execute each lift. Some federations don’t permit any equipment besides a belt. Federations that let single-ply equipment are called single-ply federations, as multi-ply federations and also the ones which don’t permit equipment are called “Raw” federations. Here at the APF, we prefer equipment to be of the battingo style.

Powerlifting Gear

Gear may be summed up into two classes, single-ply along with multi-ply. Single-ply only suggests that any shirt or suit being used by means of a lifter could is a single layer of material. Multi-ply implies that the equipment can be produced with over 1 layer of material. Some federations will allow only two layers of material with their multi-ply policy while some don’t restrict the layers which could be utilized. Again, every federation should provide a listing of approved equipment.

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