6 Benefits of Weightlifting & CrossFit Shoes for Women

Most women believe that it is not necessary to acquire weightlifting shoes as they do not engage in massive lifts as men. But this not the case. Both men and women need weightlifting shoes. Many people wonder do weightlifting shoes help.  The fact is that weightlifting shoes for women are useful in providing a solid base of support when lifting weights of any kind. They are also helpful as they offer assistance to women when squatting. If you want to avoid injuries and to get the most out of the gym, then you need weightlifting shoes.

What About Crossfit?

Crossfit shoes can be very similar to weightlifting shoes. It depends on your WOD and some may find that proper weightlifting shoes are not flexible enough for their workout.  Ladies especially tend to find this and it can be difficult to find the right women’s crossfit shoes.  This is because Crossfit requires shoes be very versatile in order to be effective. But with some searching and testing out what works best for your routine and feet, you can be sure to find the perfect pair.

Below are six benefits of weightlifting shoes for women.

  1. Have elevated heels – Weightlifting shoes have raised heels to enhance your ability to have proper postures during weightlifting. Having appropriate postures when lifting is essential. It makes the task easy and straightforward especially to women. However, shoe-elevation differs from one shoe to the other. It is therefore wise to look for one that provides the power to lift weights with ease. You also need one that allows you be comfortable. Mobility and flexibility are some factors to consider when choosing the weightlifting shoes.
  2. womens weightlifting shoesHave a solid base – Apart from the elevated heels, weightlifting shoes for women offer a solid base to hold the weight. In most cases, the base is made of wood, plastic or a combination of both. When lifting any weight, the last thing you need is an uneven surface. With a solid base, you feel secure and increase the ability to perform the postures required.  Adidas are known to be great for this.
  3. Ankle support – A good number of shoes are made of rubber or leather. This is to provide excellent support to the ankle and the foot. Some shoes have an extra strap or even two to offer additional support. Together with a solid base, the firmness provides a secure feeling.
  4. Improved mobility – The shoes improve mobility throughout lifts, especially in the knee, ankle, and hips. When you increase your ability to be mobile, you increase the chances to produce strength and maintain posture. When choosing, pick a pair of shoe that fits your lifting style. It should also make you achieve the power position with ease.
  5. Improved safety – Weightlifting shoes for women can be used as preventive measures for various injuries. When performing several movements and lifting heavy weights, there is a big risk of injuring yourself. But with a right shoe that provides solid base and support, you can prevent those injuries. Shoes with unstable bases or those that do not contain sufficient support can put your body in a bad position leading to an injury.
  6. Personal touch – With several new shoes colors and designs, you now have a good chance to add a personal touch to your gym fittings. It is also a cool aspect, especially to women. It does not only add personality when lifting weights, but it also feels functional and comfortable when wearing proper shoes.


If you are a lifter or you are planning to become one, a pair of weightlifting shoes is an excellent tool for improving your lifting performance. Good shoes will last for about 2 years and will be worth your money.

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